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Congratulation! Today's Warrior of the Day!

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Warrior of the Day Earned Score Eliminated Enemies Been Warrior of the Day in Total
Antoine 675 93 17

Today's Server Stats

Kills Deaths Players Bullets fired
636 682 173 30009

Today's Server Gift goes to:

Lucky Player Kind of Gift
[CTU]MasterSpirito 3 C4 Bombs

Today's Top Players

Top Killer Antoine (93 kills) Most Money earned Antoine (455468$)
Top Accuracy emmanuel_salinas (80.94%) Most Bullets Fired Antoine (2887 bullets)
Highest Killstreak [CTU]MasterSpirito (18 kills in a row) Highest Online Time [CTU]Silent_Killer (13:39:31)
Top Bambi Killer Antoine (15 bambis shot) Top Medi Soldier Lionel (5 treatments)
Most reaction tests won Lionel (22 fast reactions) Most Lotto Wins Lionel (1 wins)
Top Hitman [CTU]Mustang (1 hits completed) Top Wanker [CTU]MasterSpirito (10 wanks)
Top Runner [CTU]MasterSpirito (1 parkours won) Top Racer -- (0 races won)
Most Moneybags found -- (0 bags found) Top Bomb Planter -- (0 bombs)
Top Hostage Rescuer Antoine (8 hostages rescued) Top Boss Killer Fastercreek (1 bosses killed)
Top Zombie Killer Capo_Ziyad (9 zombies killed) Top Flag Capturer Antoine (14 flags)
Top Turf Capturer [CTU]MasterSpirito (1 gangzones taken) Top Manager Robber Antoine (27 hold ups)
Top Graffiti Sprayer Capo_Ziyad (2 Graffities sprayed) Top Reputation Antoine (1 reps received)


Welcome to the [C]ounter [T]errorist [U]nit SAMP Action Server! We are a great community with many rare gamemodes.

Primary the server is based on the TDM gamemode but also stunting in FreeRoam mode, buying houses and tuning vehicles, taking hostages,

surviving The Walking Dead, defusing and planting Bombs and much more is possible on the CTU Server. So join us! :)

Click on this link to get to our official YouTube Channel: [C]ounter [T]errorist [U]nit Channel.


The Top 10 of the financial CTU supporters. Click here to view the complete donators list: Donations (VIP).

Pos. Name of Donator Times donated Total Amount donated
1. Silent_Killer 8 times 87.99 €
2. NinjaKnife 6 times 81.94 €
3. Yazeed 4 times 49.96 €
4. PERSON 1 time 15.99 €
5. Mustang 1 time 15.99 €
6. Sam 1 time 15.99 €
7. HADES 1 time 15.99 €
8. Katze 1 time 15.99 €
9. Ante 1 time 15.99 €
10. [F1VE] 1 time 15.99 €