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New Server Updates will be listed on this website so you can keep yourself up to date about the newest server features.


Changelog CTU v5.0a

Feature Description
Bug Fixes and Improvements

Many bug fixes and many improvements added. Also many map fixes have been implemented, map escaping should be much harder up to impossible now (Thanks a lot to Mustang)!

New TDM Maps Four new TDM maps have been added: Jizzy Motel (by Mustang), The Restaurant (by Mustang), LVPD Outside and Trains. In Addition the Map Atrium has been changed. The map Farm has been removed due to many lag reports. Please refer to this site in order to get more information regarding the full map list: http://www.ctu.w4f.eu/maps.inc.php.
Kill the Boss Mode The Bosses now will use bullet operated weapons in order to defend themselves and not grenades anymore. Be aware, the bosses are great shooters now! Also their health has been increased.
More FreeRoam Locations All Moneyrush locations have been added to the /getbreak command. This command now also contains the option to visit the car mod shop.
New TDM Gamemodes Two new TDM gamemodes have been added: Graffiti War and TDM. In Graffiti War there are walls with adverse graffiti on it. In order to win the match, your team must spray 8 graffities on this wall first. The graffiti wall can either appear in your base, the adverse team base or at the bomb main point. To spray a graffiti you have to take out the spray can and stand near to the wall, start spraying then to start a graffiti. In TDM gamemode the aim is simple. There is a fixed amount of kills set at the beginning of the match. The team that kills the required amount of enemies first, wins! As simple as that!
Map Rating You can now rate maps! To do so, just type in /rate and select the desired rating. You can rate only one time per map. Map ratings can be viewed on the map website, at the map loading screen or by typing in /mapi.
Inventory Mode In case you are using a custom equipment pack, you can type in /inv and select Weapon Inventory. You now are able to arm/disarm certain weapons.
New Clothes Quite some new Clothes have been added to the clothes shop category other2. Also new skins have been added to the shop.
Break Island The break location Break Island has been completly remade. Its connected to Los Santos now and as well offering a ferry transfer to the citiy. Some new houses have been added as well.
MediBox In case a MediSoldier is killed, a MediBox will be dropped. It contains medipacks and health. (this way also newbies can heal team members).
Mine System You can buy mines in cookie shop, at your local dealer or win it in special gamemodes. Arm a landmine using /mine. You can only place one mine at a time. If you want to pick it up again, just crouch on it. You can also pick up adverse landmines by crouching over the mine. You can also shoot a landmine that has been placed by an enemy. Always keep your eyes open for potential adverse landmines as they will kill you instantly when walking on them!
Dealers At every break location a Drug Dealer can be found (check your minimap). This Dealers however, have a lot more to offer than just drugs, check it out yourself! Use /deal next to a dealer in order to open his inventory.
Death Cam The Death Cam has been remade. The player with the currently highest Killstreak will be spectated.
Replaced HappyHour The previous HappyHour System has been replaced. Now there will be a player chosen at a given time that will get rewarded for the currently highest Killstreak!
Chatting Channels Use /chat in order to switch between available chatting channels.
Added Rewards Many ProCookie and Cookie rewards have been added.
Bambi Bambi now will appear on the map randomly! You will get rewarded if you kill it but its possible that you will get a hit placed on you! If you kill Bambi, you will be able to collect some bambi meat. Use bambi meat with /bbq in order to restore some health or trade it with Dealers in Break to get a random gift in return! In case someone kills Bambi you can mourn its death using /rip.
Hitman System The Hitman System has been improved. The Server now can place Hit Contracts! The Server now will place hits if you kill Bambi or in case you reach a high Killstreak. The minimum amount to place a hit has been decreased to 10k$. Hitmen still are able to headshot using the silenced pistols. In addition an active Hitman can also kill team members now in case that player is an active target! Hitman kills are not announced on the death list or in chat so they can stay under cover.
HeadShot The Headshot feature has been disabled for all weapons except the country rifle and the sniper rifle. There are some exceptions for the weapons: Silenced Pistols and DEagle. Active Hitmen still can use the Silenced Pistols to do Headshots. Players that have chosen the Proffessional Inventory Mode (DEagle Pro Amo required) are able to headshot other players with the Desert Eagle. In Zombie Mode all weapons can be used to do Headshots!
Remade Cmd Boxes Many Boxes have been remade. /inv now also shows the maximum amount possible to carry of every item. /cmd has been sorted and restructured (Thanks a lot to Mustang!).
New connecting screen A new connecting screen has been implemented. This connecting screen now also is used for people that are /afk.
New design A lot of stuff on the server has been redesigned!
Changed commands The command /info has been changed to /help. The commands /blockpmid and /blockpm have been replaced by the command /ignore.
Confirmation boxes added Confirmation boxes have been added to every transfer command.
RW Vehicle Many Slow Vehicles have been removed from the RW gamemode.
Achievements Many requirements in /list have been decreased as they were too hard to achieve.
Added Train A train has been added to the server. It can be found at the Los Santos Train Station.
Stunt Mode added A stunt mode has been added to the FreeRoam Mode. In order to use it, visit a break location using /getbreak and use the command /fly to activate it. Use the same command to deactivate the stunt mode again.
Remade SuddenDeath Mode The SuddenDeath Mode has been remade. Its a lot more dangerous now. Airforce supply packets will fall from the sky. The more players have been killed in the last round, the more packets will be dropped. Every packet except one contains a deadly bomb that will explode as soon as it touches ground. The one and only packet that does not contain any explosives, contains a pickup that you can use to radiate the adverse team. The enemies will be left with very little health while your team will be healed, so make sure you get to this packet first!
RC Vehicle Remade The RC Vehicle System has been remade as well. RC vehicles now are saved and can be viewed using /inv. You can get it as gift, buy it in cookie shop or find it in dropped airforce supply packets. Use /rc to order a rc vehicle and use /deto to explode it. All enemies in range of this vehicle will be torn apart. Also there are about 8 different rc vehicles available now. What one you will receive after using /rc is random.
Remade Strike Also /strike has been remade. You will now kill all enemies in range. You will also get all kills and the kills will be announced on death list as well.
Remade Advertisements The Advertisement features has been removed from the main chat. Advertisements now will appear while connecting or after the end score board has been displayed.
Unlock Achievements You now will get notified and rewarded everytime you unlock a new achivement in /list.
Anti Cheat As soon as an admin connects to the server the anti cheat gets disabled. Due to this circumstance it is very important that online admins fulfill their duty as server operators! The anti cheat will take action delayed when there are admins online. It will inform online admins about every suspected player but it won't punish players! When there are no online admins on the server, the anti cheat will work as usual.
Guest Accounts A guest account feature has been added. In case a players enters the password wrong 3 times in a row he will not get kicked but a guest account assigned. Guest Accounts are not saved and limited in their features.
Quick Spawn Players that have a score lower than 800 will not be able to enter the lobby. They also will "quick spawn", meaning they will not have to choose the team/skin and other stuff. They will simply get spawned as soon as they have entered their password. In case also regular players would like to use the "quick spawn", this feature can be activated in /settings.
Top Day Statistics 20 Top Day Stats have been added! Every day top players are chosen! Every chosen top player will receive +10 score and +10k$ for every achivement! Go to the Index page in order to view the available top day stats achivements: ==> http://www.ctu.w4f.eu/index.php. Click on the blue button "Show Advanced Statistics Top Board" in order to display the available top day achivements and to see the top board. The top players are chosen every day the same time the Warrior of the Day is chosen.
Server Day Stats The server day statistic "bullets fired" has been added.

Changelog CTU v4.1a

Feature Description
Bug Fixes and Improvements

Quite some bug fixes done and many improvements.

New TDM Maps Three new TDM maps have been added: Red Canyon (by Mustang), Crack Factory and The Forest. Please refer to this site in order to get more information regarding the full map list: http://www.ctu.w4f.eu/maps.inc.php
Kill the Boss Mode The Bosses now will arrive after 15 kills when there are less players online and after 30 kills in the current round when there are more than 10 players online.
Capture the Flag Mode There are now 10 flags in the match that have to be captured by every team. This should extend the match play time a bit. Also the flag objects have been replaced.
New TDM Gamemode Another new TDM Gamemode has been added! It is called "HoldUP". The goal of this gamemode is simple. Near the CTU base there is a rich Manager that is on the way to an important meeting, having a lot of cash in his pockets! The CTU team has to ensure that this Manager does not get robbed under any circumstances! The Terrorists on the other hand have to do everything to rob the rich Manager and make him a poor Manager! The manager has got 20.000$ in his pockets, in case the Terrorists manage it to rob the full amount, they will win the match! A textdraw at the bottom of the screen shows if the manager is currently being robbed and how much money he got left. In order to rob the Manager (as a Terrorist), you need to get close to him and aim a gun at his head! This will scare the shit out of him, resulting in a HoldUp! Please note that the manager can be robbed by only one Thief at a time!
Derby Minigame If youre playing the Derby Minigame Down to Hell in multiplayer, you now will get the reward (in case you win the match) according to the player count that currently is prticipating in the match. So the more players are active in the match, the more score and money you will receive in case you win!
Pro Inventory Mode The Pro Inventory Mode Weapons has been changed to Desert Eagle. (as this is a HeadShot weapon)
New Clothes Quite some new Clothes have been added to the clothes shop category "Other".
Break Mode In case you die in Break Mode (/getbreak), you will be spawned in Break as well. Also NO Deaths are counted in Break Mode! In order to spawn in the TDM Map again, you must use the /fight command!

Changelog CTU v4.0a

Feature Description
Bug Fixes and Improvements

Many bug fixes added. Also a lot of stuff regarding the objects management, creation and manipulation has been changed and remade. Hopefully this will fix the old "Map Bug". Also the Hostage Bug should be gone.

New Maps Nine brand new TDM maps have been added: Restricted, 4Dragons Casino, Far West (by Mustang), Ghetto, Harbour, Hidden Fortress (by Mustang), LibertyCity, Metal Gear and Riot!. The new map "Restricted" is the replacement for the old map "Drowning Pool". Please refer to this site in order to get more information regarding the full map list: http://www.ctu.w4f.eu/maps.inc.php
Blood Screen The red flashing blood screen, indicating your damage status has been disabled by default. In case you would like to enable this feature again, please consider using /settings.
New TDM Gamemodes

Two new TDM Gamemodes have been added! They are called "Capture the Flag" and "Territory Takeover".

The aim in the Capture the Flag mode (=CTF) is to capture flags ;) Every team has two team flags. In order to win the match your team has to capture both flags of the adverse team. When you pickup a flag of the adverse team, a red checkpoint at your teams base will appear, bring the flag to this checkpoint as fast as possible in order to capture it! In case one of your flag has been taken by the enemy, hunt them down and pickup your flag to return it to your base! You will even get some extra score by hunting down an enemy that is capturing your team flag!

In the Territory Takeover mode, that is based on the Turf War / Gangzone Gamemode, it is your team's aim to take over a certain territory / gangzone. At the bottom of the screen there will be two timebars, each displaying the current takeover status. The first team, who's timebar will be up, takes over the territory and wins the match! IMportant to know is that the more of your team members are in the indicated zone, the faster the take over is going to process, so make sure you get some team mates together! Also a takeover is only possible when only members of your team are in the zone at that moment! As soon as an enemy enters the zone as wel, the takeover process will be aborted. The territory can be seen at the minimap. In neutral state it appears in green colour, while during an ongoing takeover process it is going to flash in the team colour that is just taking over the territory.

New Derby Room Gamemode The Derby Room finally has opened! Currently there is only one MInigame Gamemode available called "Down to Hell" on the only map "DownFall". This gamemode can be played in multiplayer and single player! As long as there are no more than 1 Player in the derby room, there will be a pickup available in the center of the map. This is the pickup where the single player record match can be started. If the record regarding the highest alive time is broken, it will be awarded with +10 score and +10000$! In addition, the current record holder will be announced on the website on the records site: ==> http://www.ctu.w4f.eu/rr.inc.php . In case there are more than 1 Players in the Derby room, after every match, there is 20 seconds break given before the new match starts. Players that die or join too late, will be send into spectating mode and will be able to watch other players that are still alive. While in spectating mdoe you can switch between the spectated players by clicking the right/left mouse button. About the minigame itself, its pretty easy. The bottom in the map randomly dissapears piece by piece. The last player alive will win the match! Important to know is: NO deaths/kills are counted in this minigame in the Derby room! So you you can truly enjoy this gamemode and take a chill without have to worry about your statistics! :) Please note that only players with a higher score than 800 are able to join the Derby Room!
Map change MR The maps after a Moneyrush Mode map now are dynamic as well. Means, you can now also vote for TDM maps in a MR map.
New Achievements New /stats and Achivements (/list) have been added due to the new Gamemodes that have been implemented.
House Prices The House Prices at the Break Location "Grove Street" have been decreased.

Changelog CTU v3.2a

Feature Description
Bug Fixes and Improvements

Some Improvements and quite some bugs have been fixed!

Last words Some more "Last words" have been added.
Boss and Hostage Mode When you press the Middle Mouse Button in the "Kill the Boss" Mode your boss will follow you. Now you can tell the Boss to stop following you by pressing the MMB again while the Boss is following you. Same works for Hostages in "Hostage Taking" Mode while one is following you.
Maps From now on bigger/big maps will not start anymore when there are less than 10 players online. You can still vote for them though.
HeadShot System The HeadShot feature has been partly removed due to many requests. The only weapons that still have the HeadShot feature are: Silenced Pistol, Shotgun, Desert Eagle, Country Rifle, Sniper Rifle. Zombies still can be killed with HeadShots with all weapons in "The Walking Dead" Mode. However Zombies shouldn't be able to do HeadShots anymore but they have a new advantage instead! (more to that later).
Reputations The reputation system has been changed. You can not enter text manually anymore. Instead a box will be displayed with various reasons you can choose from.
Settings A new pretty nice feature has been added. You can access it by typing in: /settings. A box will be displayed with many settings you can change. In the past there were complaints about the red blood screen appearing when hit or the hit detector etc.. You don't like a certain feature? Fine, then you are able to just disable it right now! :) You can now fully customize your account's settings. Of course your settings will be saved so you do not have to change them again everytime you log in.
Kill the Boss Mode The KTB mode now also will start when there are few-0 players online on the server.
Minigun and RPG Kills Kills with either the Minigun or RPG will now be announced on main chat in order to not confuse new players. In the past some loyal members have been claimed as "cheaters" due to the fact that they have used this kind of weapons so in this way we hope to prevent that.
Briefcase The Briefcase now will be auto-dropped when using the /afk or the /gebreak command.
Score You now will not receive any score anymore while being in break mode or /afk due to a house or vehicle ownership.
SpeedNation The vehicle dealer now can be accessed via the /getbreak command.
Server Name The Server Name now will be changing automatically. There are 3 static names and one dynamic one displaying information depending on the current gamemode on the server.
Admin carspawn Admins now can not spawn vehicles in Moneyrush mode anymore.
RPG and Minigun The Minigun and the RPG weapon now is blocked when there are less than 10 players on the server. No matter if you are VIP or you do have MinigunFreeCards these weapons will not be available for as long as the server does not get a current higher player count. In the past newbies were often slaughtered by VIPs and powerful CTU members with this heavy weapons. In order to prevent that and in hope of a higher player win for our community this meassure has been taken.
Break Mode The time for the regular break mode has been decreased in hope to prevent new (of this mode bored) players leaving the server. The break time is now set to 1:20 minutes.
Netstats A /netstats [id] command has been added to display a players network stats like e.g. packet loss, traffic (up- and dowload) etc..
TeamChat Team chat now is also accessible using an "!" in main chat to ensure fast communication within the team.
Clothing System The clothing system has been improved. You can now buy as many clothes as you want (as long as it is not the same object ID). You can list, change and adjust your bought clothes using your clothing inventory that can be entered with the /outfit command. Please note that now you will not have newly bought clothes attached anymore right after purchase! In order to wear the you have to dress first using the /outfit command.
Lift A /lift information has been added for the elevator at the basejump platform.
Target Mode The target mode is now not accessible to low score players anymore.
Achievements Some achievements have been added, also some have been changed.
ProRank The Pro Rank System has been changed. It is not affected by the rapes/bombs/strikes anymore. Now your ProRank only depends on how many achievements in /list you have completed. Type in: /proi to get more information. In this way the ProRanks become more important on the server and show the real dedication of a player.
Commands The commands: /rape and /bomb have been improved. It now will count the death/kill and also announce it on the death list.
Golden Stars The Golden Star System has been improved. You still need 40 stars in order to receive a MiniGunFreeCard but now you get +10 score for the first 10 stars, +20 score for 20 stars, +30 score for 30 stars and so on.
Improved The Walking Dead Mode Zombies now can also infect people by biting them! In case you are a nasty, very hungry zombie you now can bite humans near you by pressing the "Enter" button!
New Limits

Inventory Limits has been set! Like in reality you now can not carry unlimited items with you anymore! This is also supposed to make this kind of items more used and more important and rare. In case you have a higher amount of an item than the limit allows, the amount above the limit of the given item is not going to be saved. The limits for the certain items are: Drugs: 2000g, Cookies: 6000, ProCookies: 4000, C4Bomb: 100, Condoms: 100, Strikes: 100, MiniGunFreeCard: 200, M4ProAmo: 5000, Seeds: 100.

Admin Commands A new admin command /aspawn [ID] has been added. This allows admins to re-spawn bugged players. Please note that in some cases only a relog can fix the bugged player (SAMP Bug). Also the admin command /iplist now has been added to level 1 Admins. The command has been remade.
Weed Reminder A weed reminder has been added! In case you got some weed planting going on you now will get a reminder message every 2-3 minutes so you do not forget to harvest it. Additionally you will also get some status information about your current plant's status.
Bot Anti-Disconnect System In case a bot gets crashed and disconnects, the server will not restart now anymore. (and not get passworded). The server will reconnect the disconnected bot again and re-introduce it into the current gamemode. In addition, admins will also get notified by the server that a bot has disconnected. The re-connect of the bots happens very fast but still it is possible that in the meantime a player joins the server and takes the bot's ID. In this case the player will get kicked by the server so the bot can join properly again. In this case admins also will be informed. Due to a SAMP bug it is possible that if a bot disconnects while hostage mode, the reconnected bot will not be able to exit through the hostage exit point. However, in most cases the NPC should be re-connected without any problems.
House and Vehicle System A player that has been inactive for more than 3 weeks, is going to lose his property. This is nothing new, however now you will not need to visit every house you have in order to not lose it anymore. Now just a log in onto the server is enough to update ALL your property. Until now there was a little walkaround to bypass the property loss after 3 weeks. Players have been able to buy a house and vehicles. In case they now have sold the houses, they were able to keep their vehicles for unlimited time. This is now not possible anymore. Vehicles have their own timestamp now. Just like the houses, it is enough to just log in onto the server to update all your vehicles. In case you are inactive for longer than 3 weeks, you are going to lose all your property (vehicles + houses), so make sure you log in onto the server at least once in 3 weeks! All members can check the Trade Center Log in the Trade Center if they are not sure why they lost property. In case a player lost his stuff due to inactivity, this is gonna be logged there. In addition, vehicles now can also be purchased without owning any houes. It is completly left to the player if he buys houses or vehicles first. The max. amount of Houses (2) and Vehicles (6) has not been changed. Visit the Trade Center site to log in to the Trade Center or to chek out your property's current timestamp: ==> http://www.ctu.w4f.eu/htrade.inc.php.
ACP Admins Level 2+ are now able to restart the Server in the ACP on the website. Also a new tab called "Server Info" has been added where some important server events are logged.

Changelog CTU v3.1a

Feature Description
Bug Fixes and Improvements

Some Improvements and minor bug fixes have been made. (Auto Login is working again!)

New Map A new map called "Down Under " has been added. It replaces the an old map called "Ottos Autos". To view the full current map list please visit this site: ==> http://ctu.w4f.eu/maps.inc.php
New RLH map added A new Run Like Hell map has been added called "Smell Earth". It replaces the former RLH map "Smell Sea".
New GameMode added A new gamemode has been added called "Kill the Boss"! Every team will have two bosses (Bots). The team that kills the adverse teams both bosses first wins. Its as simple as that. You will be able to see your teams bosses on the minimap. Bosses of the adverse team can be killed with bullet operated weapons only! Also beware in case you go near an adverse teams boss as he might try to defend himself! Always cover your teams bosses and in case its getting too dangerous you can guide them to a save place or somewhere where the other team wont find him that fast! You can make a boss follow you by pressing the Middle Mouse Button.
Faster Hostages The Hostages now will be faster while following you during a rescue action.
PM Reply Command A fast pm reply command has been added. Type in /r in order to quick answer the PM you have received last.
Quick Medi Button You now can heal wounded team mates even faster by just pressing ENTER (Vehicle Enter/exit Button) or "f" near an injured team mate to heal him!
Briefcase in TWD Mode The Briefcase has been removed during The Walking Dead Mode.
Drug System improved Your planted weed now will grow 3-4 times faster then usual! In addition you will automatically receive the currently grown amount of weed on disconnect so you dont have to worry about loosing your whole plant when lost connection or simply forgot about your plant!
Say Some Last Words To Victim System Yes, you heard right! You now can say some last kind words to your victim so he/she can rest in peace! In order to do so just press the Aim AND Vehicle Enter/Exit or "f" Button at the same time near the last killed victim. This player then will hear some nice last words from you! In addition to that some more kind words will be displayed in the main chat. The player that has spoken some last RIP words will also receive +1 score points!
Red Screen Fadeout The Red Screen after Damage will now fade out a bit faster.
Daisy the Cow Daisy the Cow now finally has matured a bit! She wont take away your weapons anymore! Also she will take actions 3 times less often then before. Also it now needs more players on the server in order to attract her to come over and becoming active!
Improved Zombie Mode The Walking Dead Mode has been improved. A Textdraw has been added displaying how many humans are alive, how many infected Zombies there are and if/how many Humans already have escaped via the evacuation Checkpoint! Furthermore, after the evacuation checkpoint has opened you now will have only one minute left to escape and get evacuated! In case you do not make it to the evacuation checkpoint in time you will get infected and contaminated via air infection automatically. So make sure you get to the checkpoint as fast as possible! Pay attention to your minimap, as soon as there are some infected players around it will turn yellow, As soon as the checkpoint is opened it will turn red to display that the time is running out until players will get infected through the air automatically!
Added GeoIP detection When a player joins the server his/her country will be displayed in the main chat.
Mission Failed/Completed Messages at round end have been added so all players now will know if their current round mission has been successfully completed or not.


Changelog CTU v3.0a

Feature Description
Bug Fixes and Improvements Many bug fixes and improvements have been made! Also many old code had to be rewritten in order to make it work with the new version.
New Maps The map "NightFall" has been replaced with the map "ChinaTown", thanks to Omar for providing us this great map! Some other new maps have been added, called "Lost Field", "Snow Volcano", "Box Company" and "Waterloo" . To view the full current map list please visit this site: ==> http://ctu.w4f.eu/maps.inc.php
New routes for RW SF The Race War San Fierro now has 3 more routes!
MiniMap Hit In case you hit an enemy, he will be visible on the minimap for your team for some seconds.
Added HeadShot System A HeadShot System has been implemented! All bullet weapons are instantly lethal now if the Head is hit! All Headshots will be announced with a textdraw on top of the screen.
Added Hit Detecor A Hit Detecor has been added that will show you the hit Players Skin, Name and the Body Part you hit.
HeadShot Bonus There now is a Headshot bonus available! At the end of the round you will be rewarded with extra money for every Headshot you did!
New Class Request Section The class request section has been completly remade. You can get to the Class request/Lobby room by typing in: /lobby. You can chose two different game mode rooms in the main lobby room, the Team Deathmatch Room and the Derby Room.
New Map Loading Screen Added A map loading screen has been implemented! You now will see the next maps name, mapper and the upcoming gamemode announced by the map loading screen.
Added Vehicle Health Bar A vehicle health bar has been added. Now you will always exactly know how healthy you car is you sit in! ;)
New Race War A new Race War map has been added called "Las Venturas"! It comes with 4 different routes!
Improved RW Command The command /rv (respawn vehicle) has been changed. It now will not only bring back your car but also let you progress at the last entered checkpoint position in case you came off the track and you would like to progress with the race fast.
Red Damage Screen A damage screen has been added. Everytime you take any kind of damage you will be notified by the red fadeout damage screen. The more damage you take, the darker/more red it gets and the longer it takes to clear again. This also works while driving a vehicle.
Improved Moneyrush Mode The Moneyrush mode has been slightly modified due some user suggestions. In case the Moneybag is not found in time its position will be revealed by a yellow marker on the minimap. From there on you will have 2 minutes to get to that location and grab it before someone else does or the map changes! In addition, the drug pickups have been changed to drug bundles because the drug system has been changed.
Improved Drug System The Drug System has been completly rewritten from scratch. The drug now appears as a drug bundle and is dealed in gramm. You can check how many drugs you have using the inventory command /inv. To take a drug type in: /drug [Amount in gramm]. The maximum amount you can take at once is 40 gramms. There is no overdose. As soon as you take some drugs your health slowly will be recovering until all the drug impact has cleared. The more drugs you take the longer the drug impact holds on. In addition you now can buy weed seeds in the pro cookie shop. In case you have some seeds (check with /inv) you can go into free break mode and plant them using /plant. Now you have to wait until your plant grows. The longer you wait the more the plant will give you at the final harvest. You can type in /harvest in case you want to get the drugs harvested and added to your inventory. Other players cant harvest your plant but its still better to plant it somewhere far away as other players can take your drugs if the plant is fully grown. In case the plant is fully grown (max. amount of drugs give by plant is 100 gramm) the drug bundle will appear automatically. The drug bundle colours at harvesting depend on the current growing stadium of your (harvested) plant. In case you disconnect you will lose your plant so be sure to harvest it before disconnecting in case you planted one!
Improved Quick Codes The Quick Codes have been improved. Type in /codes to see all available codes to use!
Improved Anti Cheat Some improvements have been made and an Anti Airbreak has been added!
Improved End Score Board The end score board has been improved! You now will be able to click a "Next" button in order to get to the other site of the scoreboard that displays everything related to the ballistic data! It is ordered by the given headshots but also the accuracy fired bullets and a lot more is monitored!
AFK Command The /afk command has been changed. It now will just change your virtual world.
New RLH map A new Run Like Hell map has been added called "Smell Sea"! It replaces the old RLH map "Smell House".
Synced Shooting The server now uses the lag compensation mode. This means no more lead/lag aiming/shooting!
Runnning Mode (PEDs) The general running mode has been changed back to the old one.
New GameMode Room A comepletly new Gamemode room has been added. Its the Derby Room, you can enter it via the main lobby after connecting. In this room there currently are two different types of Gamemodes. The "Derby War" and the "Last Man Standing" Derby. The Derby war is a level up gamemode based on the gun game comcept. There are no teams. After every kill you level up to a better and faster vehicle. The player that reaches the last vehicle in the list (Rhino) wins the match. The second mode (LMS Derby) is without any weapons. All players will start out with the same random vehicle. There is no respawn and the player who survives the Derby until the end is the winner. The LMS Derby is played once every 3 game rounds. Currently there are 3 maps available in this Room: "Cage Cube", "Desert Outback" and "Ice!".
New GameModes in TDM Room In the main Team Death Match room has been only one single gamemode until now, called "Bomb Protection". Now we have two more gamemodes in here called "The Walking Dead" and the "Hostage Taking" Mode. The Walking Dead mode is pretty simple. All players will start out as humans. At the beginning of the round a random player will be infected. This infected player transforms to a zombie. Zombies have only chainsaws and they have to kill human players in order to infect them. If all players are infected the Zombies win. After 5 minutes an Evacuation point will be opened for the human survivers. In order to win this match as an uninfected human you have to survive until the evacuation point opens and then get to it! After you have left the infected area via the checkpoint you have survived and succeeded in the match. Keep in mind that Zombies can ONLY be killed with HeadShots! The second new gamemode mentioned is the "Hostage Taking". There will be the two usual teams (Coral Snakes and CTU). In Addition there will be 5 Hostages (Bots) spawned in the middle of the map. The CTU team has to guide all 5 hostages to the exit point in oder to win the match. To do so, just press the middle mouse button when next to a hostage and guide it to the exit point. But be carefull, if you get too far away from the hostage you are going to lose it. The same happens in case a Coral Snakes Terrorist shoots your hostage. The coral snakes Team has to prevent the rescue of the hostages to win the match.
New Chat System A new chat system has been added. You have to press two buttons at the same time to enter it. Press "Enter" (the big middle one) AND "4" (Number four on the right NUM PAD). Then a box will pop up where you can chose between all the cahtting channels. Using this method of chatting you wont have to type in the pretags all the time like /t when using team chat for example but are able to just chat.
New Universal Chat A new chat called the Universal or "BroadCast Chat". It is very important to understand this chat in particular! There are 2 different gamemode rooms now. Lets say player A is in the TDM room and player B is in the Derby Room. If Player A now just uses the standard room chat in the TDM room to talk to Player B in the Derby Room, Player B will NOT be able to see that chat! Same counts for the other way around. So, in case you would lilke to talk to a player in another room, you have to use the BroadCasting Channel! Keep this in mind. You can either use this chat by typing in: /u [text] or switch to this chat using the "Enter"+"4" Button combination.
Target Shooting Range A target shooting range has been added! When you are in the TDM room you can enter the shooting range anytime by typing in /target. You then will be teleported to the target shooting range. After a countdown you will be able to start. There are 31 targets to be eliminated in order to finish the target shooting. There are 2 ways of eliminating a target: First, hit and destroy 4 body parts of the target or second, hit the head of the target. A Headshot will save time of course so i advice you to practice headshots. In case you would like to cancel the target shooting before it ended you can type in /endtarget. In case you already got some practice at the target shooting range you can try to beat the current target shooting record. You can view the current record at the record website: ==> http://ctu.w4f.eu/rr.inc.php.
Inventory Mode There now can be chosen between the "Normal" and the "Proffessional" Inventory Mode while in Class Request. The normal Inventory mode is the usual one, nothing has changed. For the Proffessional Inventory Mode you need a certain rank. In case you are able to chose it you will get nothing but a M4 Assault rifle as weapons. You will be announced in the main chat if you kill someone using the proffessional inventory mode and in addition you will get +3 Score Points after every kill! The downside is, you have to pay a lot for the ammo! You can buy the proffessional mode M4 ammo in the pro cookie shop. So basically this feature is for proffessional shooters that would like to challenge themselves, have some good money and would like to increase their score fast.
Achievement List An Achievement List has been added! Type in: /list in order to view it. In case you get an achivement done, the achievement point will be marked as completed. In Addition there will be a progress bar displaying your current XP Status. The more points you achieve the more the bar will progress. Also a Text Label over the players head will show how many XP Points a player already has earned.
Clan Member Announcement Everytime a CTU Clan Member joins the server he is going to be announced in the main chat.
Player Icons You now will notice that the players map icons will be displayed in different colour levels (transparency). The higher a player rank and experience is, the less transparent the players map icon will be on the mini map.
Improved /cmd and /stats The commands list has been improved as well as the statistics list. All commands have been added to the /cmd command. The /stats command as been split up in different categories and in addition some more statistics have been added like for example "Infected humans", "Derby King", "Rescued Hostages" and many more!


Changelog CTU v2.7a

Feature Description
Bug Fixes Many bug fixes and improvements have been made!
Map The map "Street Dogs" has been removed and replaced with a high quality map called "The Town". To view the full current map list please visit this site: ==> http://ctu.w4f.eu/maps.inc.php
Clothes System The clothing system has once again been improved a lot! Many new cool stuff has been added to the clothes shop! Also you now will be able to fully adjust your desired items! You now can adjust all items like you would like to carry them around! You like the parrot but dont want to be disturbed during sniping? Is the bird too big for ya? No problem! Resize it and attach it to your back or leg for example! Just chose your item, type in: /buy and you will enter the editing mode. By holding "Space" and moving your mouse you will be able to move your camera. While in editing mode, there are few buttons/options available. One button is for moving the object (x,y,z coordinates). The second button is for adjusting the scale (the size of the object). Also the rotation can be changed of course. By pressing "ESC" the selection will be aborted. If you want to buy the item and save your adjusted item data, just press the saving button and you will be able to buy the clothing part. Also you now can buy as many clothing items as you want! When you are not a VIP Player you can only carry 3 items at the sam time so you will have to de-attach a slot before buying more stuff. You can change your clothing and deattach slots in your house menu. Just visit your house and open the housemenu. Chose "Change Clothes" and you will be able to browse through your bought items.
PM System The PM System has been improved. You can use pm like /pm [ID][Message] like before but also a lot faster now by pressing he "TAB" button and open the server players scoreboard list. Just click on the player you would like to message and a PM Box for messaging will appear!
Admin Commands Limitations Due to reports and abusements some of the newly added admin commands had to be limited for higher (head admin) ranks only. This commands are: /forceteam, map teleport and /lol command.
AntiCheat The AntiCheat has been improved due to the latest cheaters. It now should be a lot harder to crash player clients. Also some other safety options have been added. In addition the AntiFake Kill has been improved.
Map Voting The mapvoting system has been limited. You now will not be able to vote for a map that has been played due to player vote less than 4 matches before. This will prevent boring gameplay by only playing the same popular maps over and over again.
SOS/The Walking Dead Mode The explosions of the bodies should be a little more extreme now.
IRC The IRC has been improved. The IRC bot now sohuld be online all the time and not be kicked anymore so you will be able to use the IRC feature fully now!
Personal Killstreak System A new personal Killstreak System has been added! As soon as you kill a player a "!" sign will appear at the bottom of the screen. The number of this signs indicates how many enemies you have killed so far. In case you are killed, an "X" will appear. The next time you manage to break your current personal killing spree, an check mark will appear. This sign with a medal and a sound will announce that you have managed to break you current killing spree! You also will be rewarded with +2 score and +2000$. In addition your achievement will also be announced in the main chat.
Personal Vehicle Command The command /parkcar has been added. In case you dont want other players using your personal vehicle, you now can just use that command to remove (park) your curently spawned personal vehicle.
Daisy the Baby Cow We now have another regular player on our server! Her name is Daisy, Daisy the Baby Cow! Daisy is awesome! But still a baby so dont be too harsh with her! She still has to learn some propper manners though. Maybe you guys can help me to teach her good behaviour, it wont be easy but we have to try! As soon as there are at least 10 players on the server she will pick a player randomly who she will be following then. Everytime you kill an enemy daisy will randomly apply an action. There currently are 10 actions availalbe, some are more and some are less pleasing for the followed player. I will not pass them by, you will have to find out on your own ;) In case the certain player dies or disconnects, she will pick the next player to follow. BUT always remember: She is sitll a baby, as tiny little adorable thing! Dont be to harsh!
Reputation System There now is a Reputation System available! Everytime you think a player is playing fair or is helping you in battle you can rep him. Type in: /rep[ID][Comment] to give reputation to a player. Reputation can be given for everything. If you appreciate someones fair and helpfull behaviour on forums or in game you can show him how much you appreciate it by adding a reputation to him. Of course you can also rep an admin or VIP. But also to other players when you see they are helping new players or answering questions in caht etc.. You should use this system wisely though and not giving it only to your friends as this is not the point of this system. We would like to encourage fair and helpful behaviour, so please use it like it is supposed to be used, to say "thank you" to a nice player! Every player can give out 3 reputation points per day. Also you will be able to rep the same player only once per day. The players with the most reputation points and the latest added reputation and their positive feedback can be checked on this website: ==> http://ctu.w4f.eu/rep.inc.php
Special Gamemodes Special gamemodes like MR, RLH and RW now will only take part in case there are more then 10 players online.
Briefcase Gifts Explosives given out by the Briefcase have been limited.
GetBreak Command Special places like for example the Kart Palace have been added to the /getbreak command to ensure faster gameplay.
Low Weapon Pickup Drops Weapon pickups now will not be dropped anymore by killed players. A killed player now will only drop a few bucks. The only other item that can be dropped as well are the Thermal Goggles.
AirForce Supply Packet Two times per round there will be an AirForce Supply Packet dropped above a random position on the current map. It contains full health, body armour, grenades and a Minigun with 200 amo, so make sure you are the first one getting this shit! Also Thermal Goggles can be found in it.
BaseJump Platform You now can have even more fun in free Breakmode! You can visit the BaseJump Platform by using the /getbreak command and chosing "BaseJump Platform". Enter the nearby building and you will find an elevator in it. Enter it and when close to the activation button type in: /lift in order to use the elevator. It takes some time until you will arrive at the top of the BaseJump tower so make sure you got some on your hands! In case the elevator is not there when arriving at the ground station you have to get it first using the /lift command as well near the activation button on the wall. Keep in mind that it takes some time to come. However, as soon as you arrived at the top of the tower you have the possibility to buy a parachute there for 5000 bucks by picking up the pickup. Ofc. you are also allowed to BaseJump without one if you are a real badass (not recommended!). So what are you waiting for?! Get up the stairs and JUMP!!
Team Balance System The team balance system has been improved. The teams now should always be balanced. In addition, everytime the team balance changes you will be able to check the new current team balance on the left side of the screen.
Dynamite System A Dynamite System has been added! If there are at least 10 players on the server, during the match the dynamite will be available. You will find it at the briefcase spawnpoint then. If you pick it up you have 60 seconds to drop the dynamite before you explode! Use /dd to drop it. When you kill someone on dynamite mode you will get a lot score and money and it will be increased a lot by every kill you do on dynamite. BUT, watch out, you can kill maximum 8 players on dynamite mode and get up to 50.000$ and 50 score but there is a random picked amount of kills you can do with dynamite until you explode! So be aware of the risk you take killing on dynamite! Sometimes you will be able to kill 2 enemies before oyu explode, another time you might be able to do 6 or 8. You never know when you gonna bloe up, but no risk no fun! If this is too hot for you, just pick the dynamite up to get some picking up score and type in /dd at once, so you will be out of danger. But true warriors will always prefer the risk! ;) As soon as a player has dropped the dynamite or has been killed by it, the Dynamite is going to respawn at the briefcase spawnpoint again.
MiniMap You now are able to see you team mates on the radar so you can provide support faster!
Runnning Mode The general running mode has been changed due to testing purposes. There will be a vote on forums about it so we know if you would like to keep it or change back to the normal mode again after some testing.

~Kind regards, the Administration Team.